The 5 Essentials

Most of us are on a quest to realize the best versions of ourselves. Some of us see the quest as a great challenge, while some of us see that challenge as overwhelming. How can any of us create the full, creative, and dynamic life we desire?

Bob Deutsch, Ph.D., has spent nearly three decades researching this question, and what he has found is revelatory. Each of us has five inborn resources — curiosity, openness, sensuality, paradox, and self-story — that when used optimally can lead to extraordinary levels of self-expansion. Dr. Deutsch calls these tools essentials because they are resident in all of us, because they are central to our being, and because they go a long way toward providing us clues to who we really are.

The 5 Essentials is your guidebook to making the most of each of these resources. Through Dr. Deutsch’s keen anthropological eye for “deep universals” he highlights surprising juxtapositions across celebrity, factory worker, small business owner, and stay-at-home parent, in the common human search for identity and vitality. What he shows us is that we each have, in our own way and on our own scale, the ability to live lives as rich and vibrant as we can imagine.

Brimming with stories of fascinating lives — including Wynton Marsalis, Anna Quindlen, Richard Feynman, Jane Goodall, and many people you will be meeting for the first time in these pages — The 5 Essentials is told with wit, compassion, and a deep understanding of what it means to be human.

There couldn’t be a better time for this book. As we face unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change it is more important than ever that you know who you are. The 5 Essentials will help make this possible in revelatory new ways.