After thirty-five years of ethnographic research and travelling around the world conducting intensive interviews with people from all walks of life, Dr. Bob shares his perspective on the five essential capacities that every person ALREADY has for living a life that reflects who and what they truly are. Dr. Bob will direct you to how to recognize these five capacities and to see how to use them in the service of finding what he calls your “Self-Story.” Your self-story will, in turn, provide you with a stable platform to be and do who you are, and at the same time grow your idea of who you are.


Dr. Bob is a frequent keynote and guest speaker at conferences and meetings. He is also on the roster of the speaker’s bureau, Leading Thoughts ( Keep an eye out for topics and places Dr. Bob will be headlined at. These details will be posted here, too.


Dr. Bob will soon be offering seminars on how to create ad evolve your own, unique Self-Story. These seminars will be held in various cities in the US and internationally. Dates, Places, and Particulars coming soon.


Dr. Bob will be happy to make arrangements with you for one-on-one consulting sessions regarding how best you, in particular, can use the 5 essentials and begin to form your authentic self-story. Please contact us.